Guitar Repair

Our skilled team of in house luthiers include Ben Massey and Jarod Allison. Ben has been repairing, rehabing and restoring new and vintage electrics, acoustics,basses, mandolins, banjos and pretty much any other stringed instrument you can think of, for over 20 years. Ben can easily do a ground up rebuild of a treasured but dilapidated instrument, rewire, refret, or just do a great set up to get your guitar in tip top form. Jarod Allison has been working on guitars, basses and all other manner of instruments for 15 years.



Jarod can do all the normal stuff- set ups, rewiring, pickup installation, etc... but his true specialty are neck resets, crafting vintage correct parts for vintage acoustics and other bigger restoration projects. Between them, Ben and Jarod have over 35 years of lutherie experienced and are two of the most in demand repair craftsmen in Austin.