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2006 Fender American Deluxe Precision
Like new condition with Fender molded case (sunburst).
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1558

1960 Fender Jazz Bass
Fantastic sounding first year Jazz! All original with the exception of older body refin only. 1966 Fender case included.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1834

2013 Fender Cabronita
Black body with white pickguard. http://www.fender.com/basses/precision-bass/cabronita-precision-bass-maple-fingerboard-black/
Price: $799.99
Stock# 1951

2013 Fender Pawn Shop series Bass 6 VI
From the Fender Pawn Shop series we have a new Bass VI, reimagined for the modern player. In candy apple red with matching headstock white guard and 5 way selector switch. Comes with a gig bag.
Price: $799.99
Stock# 1965

2013 Fender Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass
Black finish with white pick guard. One humbucking pick up in the neck position and one J Bass style pick up in the bridge. Maple neck and fretboard.
Price: $299.99
Stock# 1970

2013 Fender Squier Affinity PJ Bass
Black finish with black guard and rosewood fretboard. Features J Bass pick up in the bridge and a P Bass pick up in the middle.
Price: $179.99
Stock# 1971

2013 Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
Natural finish with black pickguard, maple neck and black block inlays.
Price: $299.99
Stock# 1972

2013 Fender Squier Affinity Jazz Bass
Burgundy Mist finish with white pickguard. Brand new!
Price: $179.99
Stock# 1975

Fender Squier Bullet Bass
P-Bass style split coil. Red finish, white pickguard. Play wear.
Price: $345
Stock# 2203

Fender Squier P-Bass
LEFTY!! American made Squier bass. Cream finish, light playwear.
Price: $400
Stock# 2205

2013 Fender American Vintage J-Bass 64 RI
The new fender American Vintage Series showcases the Jazz Bass back in the golden era. 1964 RI. Lake Placid Blue finish with matching headstock!
Price: $2199
Stock# 2208

1965 Fender Jazz Bass
Killer L series serial number J-Bass. Buckle rash on back, overall very good condition. Comes with HSC.
Price: $5995
Stock# 2212

1965 Fender Precision Bass
Very nice, well worn 1965 P Bass. Guitar is all original with the exception of the missing volume and tone knobs. Comes with hardshell case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2324

2014 Fender Coronado II
Brand new Black Coronado II reissue! Blast from the past.
Price: $699
Stock# 2366

1974 Fender Jazz Bass
Stripped body ,all original parts with original case.
Price: $1795
Stock# 2476

1983 Fender 57 AVRI P-Bass
This bass is a gem. A Fullerton factory made 57 reissue. All the play wear is honest, and it feels absolutely fantastic. This was someone's number 1 and it's easy tell why. Neck is slim and quick, body is light and resonant and it sounds exactly like you hoped it would. Comes with tweed case.
Price: $2499
Stock# 2619

Fender Jazz Bass Special
Made in Japan, very cool pickup system with dip switched on each pickup to dial in a unique and refined sound. Very fast neck and great weight.
Price: $599
Stock# 2639

1988 Fender Precision Bass
Late 80's Fender P-Bass, made in Japan! Great build quality and terrific tone. She's a real ooker in that candy apple red finish! Includes HSC.
Price: $699
Stock# 2684

2001 Fender Stu Hamm Urge II
Comes with a tweed HSC. Autographed for real by the man himself, Stu Hamm!!
Price: $1250
Stock# 2685

1963 Fender P-Bass
Highly modified 63 P-Bass. Tons of mojo, this thing has been played and loved. Added humbucker in the bridge position, 2 extra knobs added and two toggles as well.
Price: $4250
Stock# 2686

1975 Fender P-Bass
Near mint '75 P-Bass. This one comes with the original hangtags, ashtray and pick up cover, not to mention the OHSC. This one has been babied. Plays great, set up with a new set of flats.
Price: $2595
Stock# 2758

Fender Jaguar Bass
Made in Japan, active switch, sounds nice and round. Comes with gig bag.
Price: $699
Stock# 2767

1983 Fender 57 Reissue P-

Price: Please call!
Stock# 2769

1983 Fender 57 Reissue P-Bass
Very nice, early Fullerton factory 57 reissue. Nicely checked finish, great neck, and comes with Tweed hardshell case.
Price: $2250
Stock# 2770

2003 Fender american Std. P-Bass
Nicely worn in P-Bass in candy apple red. This was someone's favorite bass as the wear and tear on the body announces, but was also well loved. Thumpy output and nice slimmer wide neck. Maple board is very smooth. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $850
Stock# 2779

1990 Fender Jazz Bass
90's Made in Japan J-Bass, nice black finish, plays fast and smooth. A real looker! Comes with bag.
Price: $650
Stock# 2783

1978 Fender P-Bass Lefty
Well if you've been looking for a lefty fretless Fender P-Bass, this is IT! Nice condition, and big warm thick sound. Unleash your inner Jaco, southpaws!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2848

1959 Gibson EB-0
Good condition , 2 pickup (bridge pickup added) great looking double cutaway Heritage cherry finished body. Neck is nice and chunky and plays like it should. Headstock repair,changed tuners,with case.
Price: $2250
Stock# 1896

1973 Gibson EB-3L
Excellent condition with gig bag.
Price: $1995
Stock# 1240

1978 Gibson RD Artist Bass
Minty condition (black)! with hardshell case.
Price: $2595
Stock# 2213

1977 Gibson G-3
Minty condition with flight case! Black with maple neck
Price: $1350
Stock# 2214

1985 Gibson Explorer Bass
Good condition (black) with flight case.
Price: $1350
Stock# 2215

1972 Gibson SB-450
Here's a rare bird: '72 Gibson SB-450 bass will a full scale neck! Features a rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, and alder body, with 2 SB humbucking pickups. Really nice sound coming out of this one, and it's light!
Price: $1099
Stock# 2746

1974 Gibson Ripper
This is one mean, ballsy rock and roll machine. Maple board feels smooth and fast while imparting a snarling bite to the tone. Stays present even when playing at the higher registers. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1399
Stock# 2849

2014 Ashdown ABM 500 EVO 3
Brand new Ashdown head!
Price: $799
Stock# 2349

2014 Ashdown MAG 115 Cabinet
Brand new 1x15" bass cab. 250 big boy watts.
Price: $299
Stock# 2350

2014 Ashdown MAG410T Cabinet
Brand new 4x10" cabinet. 450 big ole watts. Annoy your neighbors!
Price: $399
Stock# 2351

2014 Ashdown MAG 300 C-115 Combo
Brand new Ashdown bass combo. 1x15" speaker.
Price: $599
Stock# 2352

2014 Ashdown ABM410H
Brand new! 4x10" cab loaded with Blueline speakers. 600 watts!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2353

2014 Ashdown ABM115 Cabinet
Brand new 1x15" cab with Blue Line speaker. 500 watts!
Price: $449
Stock# 2354

2014 Ashdown Five 15 Combo
Brand New Ashdown Five 15 1x15" combo amp at 100watts
Price: $399
Stock# 2355

2014 Ashdown MAG 300 C210 EVO 3 Combo
Brand new 2x10" combo amp! This thing is a rumble machine!
Price: $699
Stock# 2356

2014 Ashdown Perfect 10
Brand new 1x10" 40 watt combo. Awesome practice amp!
Price: $249
Stock# 2357

Citron CB6
6 string chambered bass. Extremely well made, high quality wood.
Price: $3200
Stock# 2189

Dan-Howard Double Neck
Double neck, double trouble! One half electric guitar and one half fretless bass, this mighty axe will have you prepared for any situation.
Price: $795
Stock# 2191

Danelectro Longhorn
Dan-O longhorn tone at an affordable price! Plus, you get a beach babe on the pickguard. Tubular.
Price: $349
Stock# 2182

Danelectro Longhorn Pro
Blue/white burst. Easy to play, 3/4 scale neck. Very little playwear.
Price: $279
Stock# 2211

2014 Danelectro Wildfire
Brand new! Very cool. Plays great, fun guitar.
Price: $419
Stock# 2687

2014 Danelectro Longhorn Bass
Brand new copper burst dan-o longhorn. VERY COOL!
Price: $419
Stock# 2688

Epiphone Elitist EB-3
Japanese-made Epiphone Elitist EB-3 bass. Excellent build quality, pro feel and sound. Big ole' bottom end! Includes HSC.
Price: $775
Stock# 2681

2007 Gretsch Electromatic Junior 2
Nice little 3/4 scale bass for the studio or your inter-child.
Price: $250
Stock# 1787

Harmony H-25
Mid 60's Harmony Jazz style guitar. This guitar is currently set up with flats. Super cool and vibey! DeArmond pickup with individual pole pieces beneath the foil and very cool rocker switches for fine tuning that dream tone.
Price: $695
Stock# 2621

Hofner 62 RI
Great condition, fantastic RI of the golden era of viola bass.
Price: $1899
Stock# 2202

Hofner Violin cutaway
Newer reissue of a Hofner cutaway violin bass. Plays easily, is in good shape.
Price: $649
Stock# 2680

Import Hofner Copy
Tiesco? Japanese Hofner Copy. Thicker body, 2 F holes. Scroll headstock.
Price: $350
Stock# 2194

1969 Mosrite (Post) Ventures
Fair condition with gig bag.
Price: $1699
Stock# 1466

2004 Music Man Sting Ray
Excellent condition and a fantastic player. Fret life is excellent and the pickups and electronics function beautifully. Great vibe and tone! Includes the original case.
Price: $995
Stock# 2638

Music Man Sting Ray 5
Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 5 string bass in excellent condition sporting a righteous blue finish. Includes gig bag!
Price: $1495
Stock# 2679

1991 Peavey Rudy Sarzo Signature
Near mint condition Rudy Sarzo signature bass. Ebony fret board, wide range pickups, Rudy Sarzo signature preamp, 3 band EQ, etc... this this is loaded! Comes with HSC.
Price: $750
Stock# 2243

1980 Rickenbacker 4003
Beautiful Jetglo Rickenbacker 4003. In good condition with super fast neck. Comes with hardshell Rickenbacker case.
Price: $1750
Stock# 1898

2003 Rickenbacker 4003
Very nice newer 4003 in Jetglo finish in very good condition. Comes with hardshell Rickenbacker case.
Price: $1795
Stock# 1899

2011 Rickenbacker 4001
Like new Ric 4001 bass in maple glow. Comes with original hardshell case.
Price: $1999
Stock# 2132

1979 Rickenbacker 4000
Nice bird's eye maple body. Finish has been stripped. Plays great, has that quintessential Ric sound in spades.
Price: $1799
Stock# 2673

1978 Rickenbacker 4001
Gorgeous Maple Glo Ric 4001. HAs been played, but lovingly. Just the right amount of finish checking, neck is very comfortable as well. Currently sporting some flatwounds, and she's nice and thumpy! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1995
Stock# 2748

S. D. Curlee Yankee
Natural wood. SG style, slightly asymmetrical horns. Split coil pickup.
Price: $550
Stock# 2196

1960 Silvertone 1444
Killer 1960 Silvertone 1444 bass guitar. Great tone from the original lipstick pickup and a very playable neck. Surf or punk, take your pick! Include OHSC.
Price: $899
Stock# 2682

1965 Silvertone 1444
Easy playability, great tone and vibe on this one. We love these old lipsticks! Includes case.
Price: $795
Stock# 2683

Warwick Fortress One
Good condition with hard case.
Price: $895
Stock# 1814

2006 Warwick Corvette $$ Double Buck 4 String
Great condition with heavy duty gig bag
Price: $1195
Stock# 1635

Zon Legacy Elite
High quality craftsmanship is what the Zon is all about. The PRS of basses.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2207


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