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1987 Fender 1962 Stratocaster Reissue
Good condition with all paper work and tweed case. Candy apple red.
Price: $2695
Stock# 1496

Fender 50's Telecaster
Like new MIM 50's Tele. Comes with Fender Gig Bag! Plays great and hase some very nice figuring on the maple neck.
Price: $599
Stock# 2548

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Great condition American Deluxe Telecaster. Rock the middle pickup, or don't for a traditional Tele sound. The tonal options are wide open. Near custom shop detail and exquisite white blonde finish. Comes with gig bag.
Price: $1250
Stock# 2415

1993 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Nice slim neck, good condition, sounds like a Strat should. Comes with hard shell case.
Price: $899
Stock# 2766

2006 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Very cool American standard in a limited run matching headstock in custom color Fiesta Red. Rosewood board, great sounding pickups, and nice slimmer neck profile.
Price: $1299
Stock# 2718

Fender American Standard Telecaster
American Standard Tele. Sounds like it should! Small chip on top bout. Satin neck is fast ands sounds killer.
Price: $849
Stock# 2541

Fender American Telecaster 60th Anniversary
Telebration Telecaster. American standard with upgraded Glendale bridge and compensated saddles. Comes with OHSC and case candy.
Price: $995
Stock# 2909

2006 Fender Classic Player 60th Anniversary Stratocaster
This is a very special Custom Shop designed Classic player Strat in Shoreline Gold done to 50's specs, albeit wit ha twist. The neck is a nice, soft V that's the embodiment of comfort, while the pickups are the custom shop 62's, the tuners looks vintage, but are actually locking and it's sporting orange drops under the hood. Comes with gig bag.
Price: $759
Stock# 2749

1967 Fender Coronado II
Excellent condition, pickups sound great! This guitar is like the two best Southern California guitar makers got together and had a love child. Actually the designer for Rickenbacker designed the Coronado, so there you go. Check out the cool checkerboard binding. Comes with original case.
Price: $1799
Stock# 2755

1967 Fender Coronado II Wildwood
Very cool and desirable Wildwood finish on this stunning Coronado II. Comes with a chip case. Has the grover F tuners, and matching headstock. A real head-turner!!
Price: $2695
Stock# 3035

1961 Fender Custom Esquire
Gorgeous player's grade Custom Esquire! These don't pop up as often as we'd like, unfortunately, but here we finally have one! Excellent refinish in nitro, added neck pick up, which is a Firebird patent number pickup and body is routed for a humbucker in the neck position, original bridge pickup, slab board rosewood neck, clay dots, original decal, tuners, hardware. Amazing guitar!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2947

2007 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Relic
Lightly reliced, nice, chunky C profile on a quarter sawn neck. Era appropriate decal placement, and very cool sonic blue finish in nitro lacquer. Comes with original thermometer case.
Price: $2799
Stock# 2935

2012 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Closet Classic Stratocaster
Very nice condition Fender custom shop Closet Classic series 1960 reissue Stratocaster. This one is in New Old Stock condition and has barely been played by it's previous owner. Nice 3TSB, slimmer C profile neck and bite-y Strat single coils, this is the quintessential 60's style Strat! Comes with OHSC, case candy and COA.
Price: $2750
Stock# 2777

2012 Fender Custom Shop 57 RI Stratocaster
Goregeous slightly faded Fiesta Red finish, quarter-sawn neck with a slightly chunky, soft V profile, and very lightweight guitar overall. This one comes with case candy, COA and OHSC.
Price: $2795
Stock# 2776

2009 Fender Custom Shop 64 Relic Strat
A real masterfully executed relic job on this one. Absolutely looks spot on. Gorgeous deep sunburst finish, transitional logo, slimmer mid 60's neck profile. Mint guard sets it off perfectly. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3199
Stock# 3061

1995 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
Like new condition Custom shop limited run of 6 guitars for Dave's guitar shop. This one is # 6 of 6 and is sea foam green with matching headstock and gold hardware. Comes with OHSC and all case candy and COA. Super rare and super cool!
Price: $3499
Stock# 2789

1995 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
This guitar was part of a limited run of 6 custom shop guitars for Dave's Guitar shop. This one is #2 of 6 and is a sonic blue finish with matching headstock and gold hardware. Guitar is in pristine museum quality condition and comes with all case candy, COA and OHSC.
Price: $3499
Stock# 2790

1995 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
This one is part of a limited run of 6 guitars for Dave's Guitar Shop. It is # 3 of 6 and features a white blonde finish with gold hardware. Rosewood fretboard and birdseye maple neck. This is in like new museum quality condition. Comes with OHSC and all case candy and COA.
Price: $3499
Stock# 2791

2006 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster HB
Very cool relic Tele with a humbucker in the neck position, white blonde finish and 68 era decal and tuners. Maple neck and ash body. Set up to be a monster. This guitar screams and plays great. Very nifty Telecaster. Comes w/ OHSC
Price: $2899
Stock# 3073

Fender Deluxe Series Stratocaster
Nice MIM Fender Strat. Very cool copper color, nice slimmer C neck profile.
Price: $595
Stock# 2712

1959 Fender Duosonic
Very clean slab board Duosonic with original case,strap and cord.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1433

1959 Fender Esquire
Very cool refinished 59 Esquire with maple board. Finish is butterscotch and neck pick up has been added. Bridge pickup is original, neck pick up is an older Tele pickup. Call for more details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3084

Fender Fender 60th anniversary Strat HSS
Very nice 60th anny Standard strat with American tuners, black pearloid pickguard, and very cool HSS pick up set up.
Price: $439
Stock# 2593

1962 Fender Jaguar
Great condition first year Jaguar. All original with original bar that actually stays in place (unheard of) and original Fender mute with original foam, it's hard as a rock, but it is original. Comes with OHSC, strap and curly cable! It doesn't get cooler than this!
Price: $4650
Stock# 2986

1965 Fender Jaguar
Great neck on this Candy apple red Jag. Changed graphite nut, refinished, fret job. Comes with HSC
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2539

1959 Fender Jazzmaster
Nice condition 59! With original hardshell case. Currently set up with a Mastery Bridge, all original otherwise, front is in great shape, the back has some buckle rash. Neck finish is very good condition.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2922

1964 Fender Jazzmaster
Very good condition, all original, great playing JM. This one has a fantastic neck, clay dots, strat style knobs and Brazilian rosewood 'board. Sounds really good, and playability is definitely there! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $4850
Stock# 2997

1964 Fender Jazzmaster
Very cool Jazzmater, this one's straight out of Grampa's attic! All original, with a replaced input jack, but the original is in the case. It plays great, but could use a refret. Neck is very typical for this period JM's and is a medium thickness. Brazilian rosewood 'board and this thing is a twangy dream! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $4250
Stock# 3015

Fender Limited Edition HSS Strat
MIM HSS Strat. Limited edition black on black, and 1 of 250 made. Get tough!
Price: $395
Stock# 2392

2014 Fender Master Design '63 RI
2014 Master Design '63 RI Fender Stratocaster w/ OHSC and all the goodies. Incredible attention to detail, incredible neck, and incredible sounding pickups. Designed and built by master builder John Cruz. You can't beat this deal!
Price: $3750
Stock# 2672

2007 Fender Masterbuilt '63 Custom Telecaster
Master built at the Fender Custom Shop by Chris Fleming. Gloriously warm and vibrant sunburst finish on a nicely checked body, with a great 60's slimmer C shaped neck. This one comes with all the case candy, COA and OHSC. Killer Tele!
Price: $5500
Stock# 3023

Fender Masterbuilt 57 RI Stratocaster
Jason Smith masterbuilt 57 reissue relic Strat. Perfect neck, 9.5" radius, medium jumbo frets for pure bending bliss, killer relic job, not too over the top, in the perfect nitro finish. Comes with OHSC and case candy.
Price: $4999
Stock# 2910

Fender Masterbuilt Gold Sparkle Strat
Masterbuilt by Greg Fessler at the Fender Custom Shop, this late 64 Stratocaster is the epitome of cool! Wondrous gold sparkle finish with pefect, not over the top relicing, perfect C profile neck, beautiful rosewood board with clay dots. Comes with all paperwork and OHSC.
Price: $4999
Stock# 2785

1958 Fender Musicmaster
Original Dessert Sand finish and gold anodized pickguard. Great feeling maple neck, and OHSC!
Price: $1995
Stock# 2717

1965 Fender Mustang
This red '65 Mustang has seen it's share of bars and smoke. Nice patina from decades of heavy gigging, and it even has the ciggy burns on the headstock to add to the credibility. Has the A style neck, and comes with the OHSC. First year pearl inlays on the Brazilian rosewood board.
Price: $1550
Stock# 3041

1966 Fender Mustang
Uber rare, probably one of a kind, all original sunfire gold sparkle finish '66 Mustang. Not a custom shop, not a refin, 100% the real deal. Finish was done in the correct fashion and like all original 60's sparkle Fenders, is over an existing finish, this one is over a blue finish. Sparkle is gold and red, creating a pinkish orange overall effect. Comes with OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2984

1972 Fender Mustang
Very cool original competition red finish! Great slim neck and very nice sound. Doesn't have the "plink" that a lot of Mustangs have. Very cool guitar! With OHSC.
Price: $1999
Stock# 3042

1977 Fender Mustang
Nice sunburst finish with black pickguard color scheme on this very good Mustang. Neck is slightly beefier than you might expect and original sunburst is vivid and warm. Has a good amount of honest play wear and and some dings here and there, but that only adds to the mojo of this very cool and affordable vintage piece. Comes with OHSC and original bar.
Price: $1399
Stock# 3079

Fender Parts- Tele
This one a very cool and affordable Franken-Tele. Has a very chunky 50's style neck with a Bigsby B-16 and a white blonde finish. It has a Fender logo, but it's not a real Fender. Priced to sell and comes with a HSC!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3036

1997 Fender SRV signature Stratocaster
Start Scuttlebuttin' with this killer SRV strat! Big frets, gold hardware, big frets, lefty tremolo, SRV scratch plate. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1499
Stock# 3037

2013 Fender Starcaster
New Fender Starcaster! Natural finish, great player.
Price: $699
Stock# 2362

Fender Stratocaster
Gorgeous MIM Start with gold hardware and sunburst ala SRV. Upgraded Fender noiseless pick ups make this an amazing sounding guitar for the money.
Price: $399
Stock# 2713

1955 Fender Stratocaster
Very well worn and loved Strat. Neck is perfectly played in. Edges naturally rounded to perfection. Here's the deal, was sent to Fender in 1965 and was refinished sunburst, so it features the 60's "target burst" and also is sporting the 65 decal on the headstock, and the bakelite plastic was replaced with 60's knobs, pickup covers and switch tip. Original pickguard is intact.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2978

1955 Fender Stratocaster
Call for price and details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3057

1959 Fender Stratocaster
Gorgeous 2 tone sunburst, mint gaurd, slab rosewood board, rewound front pickup, newer bone nut. Hardtail, nice and light. Plays absolutely flawlessly, nice and low action and extremely resonant unplugged. A real humdinger of a 50's Strat!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3002

1963 Fender Stratocaster
All original Dakota red custom color Strat. Factory made without clear coat so the Dakota is as bright and vibrant as the day it left the factory.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2924

1965 Fender Stratocaster
Very cool 1965 Stratocaster, all original, very good condition, two small marks on the back of the body, first year for the transitional logo, last year for the small headstock! Burst is nicely faded on the front and the back is vibrant and bright. Comes with OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2932

1967 Fender Stratocaster
Fantastic 1967 Strat. Loud and resonant unplugged, action is fantastic, plugged in it's quintessential strat tone. Pickups date to 11/66. Headstock has been redrilled and doweled. Comes with HSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2977

1972 Fender Stratocaster
Very nice 3 tone sunburst Strat. Good condition overall, and it plays like a dream.
Price: $3595
Stock# 2720

1973 Fender Stratocaster
w/Original Case
Price: $3695
Stock# 1118

1973 Fender Stratocaster
All original with OHSC.
Price: $2495
Stock# 2896

1978 Fender Stratocaster
Sienna Burst late 70's Strat. This one is a good weight, not too heavy, and plays wonderfully. Fast, slim neck, comes with HSC.
Price: $1899
Stock# 2334

1984 Fender Stratocaster
Excellent condition (Ruby Red) American Standard with maple neck,original case and hang tag's.
Price: $1195
Stock# 2109

1988 Fender Stratocaster
Made in Japan, in the style of a 57 vintage reissue. Custom color Daphne Blue that has greened out to a lime color. Very cool guitar!
Price: $849
Stock# 3003

1993 Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe
Like new condition!! with original tweed case.
Price: $1595
Stock# 1818

1952 Fender Telecaster
An absolute treasure. Comes with OHSC, light as a feather, all original.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2276

1955 Fender Telecaster
Light weight Tele,body refin,new frets,all original parts,neck pickup rewound by Lindy Fralin,case.Call for more details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1859

1958 Fender Telecaster
58 Refin body. Non original pickups and pickguard. Great neck. A real singer
Price: $6995
Stock# 2312

1966 Fender Telecaster
Excellent condition Fender Telecaster. Nice slimmer profile neck, transition logo, pearl dot inlays. Great example of a transitional Tele. Feels amazing and sounds like a Tele should. With OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2574

1973 Fender Telecaster Custom
Great condition (mocha brown) changed tuners,case.
Price: $3500
Stock# 1527

1996 Fender Telecaster Custom MIJ
Excellent condition MIJ (creme color with matching headstock) Pearloid bound body and pickguard.Made in the Fugi-Jen Plant,hard case.
Price: $1099
Stock# 2047

1973 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
Great example of an early/ mid 70's Tele Deluxe. Pickups sound warm and fat, with a nice quick neck, pickguard has been replaced and comes with HSC.
Price: $2850
Stock# 2448

Fender VG
Price: $1295
Stock# 1230

1991 Gibson 67 Reissue Flying V
Classic Black on white. Channel your inner Hendrix. Comes with HSC.
Price: $999
Stock# 2707

2004 Gibson 68 Historic Les Paul Custom
Gorgeous, excellent condition custom shop historic reissue Les Paul. Comes with factory nickel hardware, no gaudy gold here, friends! Huge neck that fills the hand and panders to comfort. Comes with COA and OHSC.
Price: $3299
Stock# 2985

2009 Gibson B.B. King Lucille
Custom Shop BB King Lucille Black Beauty. Fantastic neck profile!
Price: $2299
Stock# 2070

2006 Gibson BB King "King of the Blues"
#5 of 150 made,excellent condition with case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1640

1989 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman
Remember that time when Gibson made a Gretsch? Oh yeah, when Chet Atkins got fed up with the boys at the OTHER guitar company that starts with a "G" and finally defected to Gibson. Say what you will, but Gibson makes one H-E-double hockeysticks of a Country Gent! And the best part? Humbuckers instead of Filter-trons. FINALLY! In excellent condition w/ OHSC.
Price: $2899
Stock# 3052

2007 Gibson Custom Shop '68 Les Paul Custom
Reissue of the second coming of the venerable Les Paul in 1968. This custom shop is done to match the original down to the last detail. Featuring a highly flamed maple top and slimmer neck. Custom aesthetics make this guitar as much fun to look at as it is to play. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3299
Stock# 2888

1985 Gibson Custom Shop Flying V
Custom Shop black and white Flying V. Well played and well loved. This guitar screams and it is autographed by notorious Flying V advocate, Michael Schenker. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1795
Stock# 2706

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Lefty
Southpaws rejoice! A very cool, near new condition Custom Shop Les Paul Custom. Comes with the OHSC. Near new condition. Very fast slim taper 60's neck. Nothing but cool on this one.
Price: $3250
Stock# 2863

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Sparkle
Very cool custom shop creation. This LEs Paul sports an unforgettable sparkle burst finish, 57 classic zebras, ebony board and bound headstock. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2999
Stock# 2854

1961 Gibson ES-125
Nice slim and fast neck on this one. Finish has been worn down on the back of the neck and it's easy to see why. It's very hard to put this guitar down. Rest of the guitar is in very good shape. Sounds nice, warm and woody. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1695
Stock# 3062

1963 Gibson ES-125
All original, nice shape but this guitar has been played! Neck finish is nicely worn down and sports a slightly slimmer profile than those seen on the 50's version of this guitar. Loud and resonant unplugged and original P-90 sounds great into almost any amp. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1695
Stock# 3078

2002 Gibson ES-135
Great tone and ease of playability make this ES-135 a great choice for rock, country, or jazz! Fantastic condition, includes OHSC.
Price: $1350
Stock# 2690

2002 Gibson Es-137
Very cool limited edition 137 with a goldtop finish. Dark back, P-90's and a graphite nut. This guitar sounds glorious! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1699
Stock# 2631

1971 Gibson Es-150 D
This guitar is in excellent condition. This is a true closet queen. Comes with the OHSC.
Price: $2499
Stock# 2585

1956 Gibson ES-175 D
Blonde finish, original Lifton case, tune-o-matic bridge has been fitted on, set up very low with absolutely no buzz. Practically plays itself. If you've been looking for a P-90 equipped 175, this could be the one. Blonde finish has minimal checking and guitar overall is in excellent condition.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2995

1966 Gibson ES-330
Price: $3750
Stock# 1061

1966 Gibson ES-330
Exceptional condition ES-330. Cherry finish, chrome dog ear P-90's, trapeze tail piece. Comes with original case. This guitar shines like the day it left the factory!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2796

2008 Gibson ES-330
Snazzy custom shop ES-330 in a very cool Beale St. Blue finish. All original with that great woody P-90 tone. Think every Beatles record you've ever heard. Breaks up nicely and features the great 60's style neck we've all come to love. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1999
Stock# 2994

1963 Gibson ES-335
All original, one PAF pickup, nice medium sized neck, OHSC. This guitar is absolutely a delight to behold!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2923

1968 Gibson ES-335
Near mint condition! This is like a museum piece. Perfectly chunky neck, humbuckers sound incredible, this guitar is ticking all the boxes on coolness, collectibility and playability. All original, of course, and comes with OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2815

2005 Gibson ES-335 Dot
Great example of a 335 Dot reissue. Strong, wide flame on the top. Neck is a 60's slim profile and feels very comfortable. /everything is in great condition on this one. 57 Classic humbuckers sound awesome. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2350
Stock# 2764

2008 Gibson ES-335 dot
Very nice, excellent condition. Comes with OHSC. Strap locks added as a bonus.
Price: $2350
Stock# 2919

2007 Gibson ES-335 Historic 59 Reissue
Nashville made historic 335 in cherry. This is as good as they make 'em, folks. This one is in excellent condition and has had the wiring replaced with an upgraded vintage correct RS guitarworks wiring harness. Sound extremely warm and woody. Comes with COA and OHSC.
Price: $4150
Stock# 2886

2009 Gibson Firebird 5
Historic Firebird,frost blue,nice neck. Its the 5 your looking 4.Custom Shop case.
Price: $3595
Stock# 1288

2007 Gibson Flying V
Sounds great, slim neck, warm humbuckers. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1199
Stock# 2708

Gibson Flying V Custom
Custom Shop, one off custom color, in an almost Daphne blue. The neck is a big 50's profile, multi-ply binding and all the bells and whistles. This is THE V to get! Comes with OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2831

1983 Gibson Flying V Korina
Very cool early 80's Flying V with installed Kahler Trem System. Korina body. Small crack at neck heel but is solid. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2999
Stock# 2418

2001 Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard
Killer AA flame top, 50's neck profile,, orange drop caps, Granadillo Fretboard, burstbucker pro pickups, and Tone Pros Kluson style tuners. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2695
Stock# 3030

1997 Gibson Historic 1954 Reissue
Very nice goldtop with P-90's. Chunky 50's profile on the neck, a very comfortable full C shape that's not over doing the shoulders. Sounds absolutely phenomenal. Greta vintage style tone. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2650
Stock# 2973

2003 Gibson Historic Explorer
Excellent plus condition Custom Shop historic Korina Excplorer. Great neck shape, lightweight and all original. Comes with COA and OHSC
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2800

2005 Gibson Historic Les Paul Special
Historic Les Paul Special single cutaway from the gibson custom shop. Vibrant cherry finish using real aniline dye, nitro finish, long neck tenon, bumblebee caps, and a chunky 50's style neck profile. Comes with OHSC, COA and all case candy.
Price: $1999
Stock# 3070

1954 Gibson Les Paul
OHSC, all there. Nice, chunky neck. Finish is still very vibrant, great checking, tone is great. Call for more details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2925

2012 Gibson Les Paul 57 Historic
Very nice R7 Goldtop. Chunky neck, pickups sound incredible. Excellent condition. Comes with OHSC
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2627

1993 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Super slim, fast neck on this 93 Classic. Also the deep cherry burst is not often seen on these. This is a great Les Paul. Comes with Gibson case.
Price: $2099
Stock# 2265

2001 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Nice condition for a 13 year old instrument! Wine red finish, two rippin' humbuckers, gold knobs...all the right appointments for your date with rock! Includes gig bag.
Price: $1899
Stock# 2696

2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic
good condition w case
Price: $1899
Stock# 1280

2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Good condition tobacco burst with Gibson case.
Price: $1895
Stock# 1499

2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Excellent condition. Great sound out of these 'buckers! Sure is one handsome '60 RI Goldtop! Includes Gibson HSC.
Price: $2099
Stock# 2691

2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Great patina on the nickel hardware give this 1960 RI the right vibe to take you right back to the golden age of rock! All original with two fantastic sounding pickups, including the OHSC.
Price: $1795
Stock# 2693

1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Natural top, very good condition with slim maple neck and rosewood 'board. Plays silky smooth and sounds exception. Nice range of tones from these original pickups. Tuners have been upgraded to Schallers. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2995
Stock# 2964

1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Nice, clean and light Custom! About 10lbs, OHSC and very sweet neck. Chrome hardware. As good as it gets!
Price: $3499
Stock# 2411

1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Excellent condition 1981 LP Custom. There is zero buckle rash on the back. This guitar is in incredible condition! Check out the maple neck as well! Very cool guitar. This is begging you to play Crazy Train. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3295
Stock# 2523

1986 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Great shape, lightly yellowed, screaming Les Paul Custom. Top o' the line, friends, and this one sounds phenomenal. Comes with case.
Price: $3400
Stock# 2506

2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Very nice Les Paul Custom. Made in the USA, 57 classic pickups, a true "black beauty"! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2699
Stock# 2941

2010 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Stolen! Stolen Stolen. One pickup LP Custom from the Custom Shop Serial # 701290 Please call us if you see this guitar.512 428 9100,Thank you.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1497

2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic
Like new with OHSC. Gorgeous natural top. Slimmer 60's profile neck.
Price: $1850
Stock# 3005

1997 Gibson Les Paul DC
Very nice cherry burst double cutaway LP. Sounds great, get all the way up to the tip top of the fret board with this one!
Price: $799
Stock# 2644

1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr.
All original, very nice condition, comes with original chipboard case.
Price: $5500
Stock# 2404

1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior
Nicely worn in Les Paul Junior. Comes with OSSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2866

1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior
Very nice condition Les Paul Junior in sunburst. All original, great patina, fantastic chunky neck.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2949

2001 Gibson Les Paul Junior
Very good condition, made in the USA, single P-90 in a sunburst finish. All Mahogany body and neck with rosewood board. A rock and roll classic!
Price: $795
Stock# 3068

Gibson Les Paul R9 Historic
Very cool dark back R9 with a fantasic flame top. This one certainly is stunning and has a very nice neck with a good shoulder on it. All original and comes with OHSC. This guitar is in very good condition.
Price: $4400
Stock# 2883

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special
Very cool Les Paul Special, this one is a player's dream. Very well worn, neck is a chunky fat boy of a wonder, the TV Yellow is epically checked and the original P-90's sound amazing. Notice tjhat at some point someone routed the guitar for humbuckers. Please call for price. Comes with OSSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2855

1962 Gibson Les Paul Special
This SG styled LP special. Original P-90's sound fantastic, neck has a nice slimmer feel, but with a little bit of shoulder that keeps the inspiration charged up for hours on end. Features the highly regarded Polaris white finish that is nicely checked and well worn in. This guitar has been played but not abused. Highly resonant unplugged. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $4000
Stock# 2993

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special TV
TV yellow finish, excellent condition, all original with OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2958

1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Natural top, slim 3 piece maple neck with rosewood board, gold reflector knobs and Gibson hardshell case. Plays very fast and sounds great!
Price: $2750
Stock# 3018

2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gorgeous, very good condition standard. Nicely flamed top in a Bourbon Burst finish. Slim taper 60's style neck, and dark back. Light buckle wear on back of body, and has a nice resonant sound when strummed unplugged. Killer pickups, sounds like a Les Paul should! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1750
Stock# 3043

2010 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gorgeous Jimmy Page-esque burst on this one, tone pros upgraded bridge, 57 classic humbuckers and hand aged by Berly Guitars. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2099
Stock# 3091

1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard Left handed
Nice Black Les PAul Standard for the southpaws out there. Comes with original Gibson hardshell case. Pickups have been changed out with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates.
Price: $2150
Stock# 2237

1997 Gibson Les Paul Studio
Good condition Les Paul Studio in black with gold hardware. Sounds great and a very good chance to get rocking on a Les Paul without breaking the bank.
Price: $895
Stock# 2702

2007 Gibson Les Paul Supreme
What a show pony this one is! This one looks great with the fancy headstock inlay, the 5A flame top and back, the ebony board and the split block inlays, but it also sounds great too. 57 classics in this wyld stallion are ready to snort and whinney. Plug in this stately steed and it's off to the races! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2699
Stock# 3022

2014 Gibson Les Paul Supreme
We have reached the pinnacle of refinement here with this unbelievably flamey, like brand new, straight from the Gibson Nashville factory with sweet candy scented nitro wafting from every nook and cranny, of this geared up well oiled tone machine! Delicious wonder awaits you, good friends. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2500
Stock# 3115

1963 Gibson Melody Maker
Nice all original 2 pickup MM with case.
Price: $1899
Stock# 1484

1959 Gibson Melody Maker 3/4
Single cutaway with one pickup and a killer neck! Big sound despite it's smaller stature, with plenty of attitude to boot.
Price: $995
Stock# 2699

1960 Gibson Melody Maker D
All original 2 pickup single cutaway with original soft shell case
Price: $2350
Stock# 1858

1962 Gibson Melody Maker D
Prime example of an early 60s Melody Maker. Double cutaway, 2 pickup version. Great attitude! Sounds awesome...Includes OSSC.
Price: $2150
Stock# 2698

2012 Gibson Midtown Custom
Very cool Pelham Blue finish Midtown custom with soapbar P-90's, master volume and tone, smaller sized headstock and semiholow construction. Les Paul style trapezoid inlays and poker chip pickup selector. Vibe central!
Price: $1250
Stock# 3082

2006 Gibson R6 Historic Les Paul
Very nice condition Historic 56 Reissue Les Paul. Some minor wear on the upper bout and some light buckle rash that does not break the finish on the back. Chunky neck, and P-90's sound great. With HSC.
Price: $2650
Stock# 2751

Gibson R7 Les Paul Custom
Historic 1957 Les Paul black beauty. Nice condition, but it has been played. This one hasn't lived in a glass case, and for good reason. It sounds great! Burstbuckers, 2 pick up, stop tail. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2799
Stock# 3053

2013 Gibson R8 Les Paul Historic
This one is resonant. Big 58 neck and gorgeous Lemon Burst finish. The top is gorgeous and interesting with a lot of character. Mineral streaking, irregular flame and very cool grain pattern make this a stunning looking guitar. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3999
Stock# 2951

1999 Gibson R9 Les Paul Historic
Near Mint R9. This one is like it was made yesterday and the top is sporting a visually stunning 3D flame that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Neck is what you'd expect, big and round without being obtrusive or fatiguing. The pickups sound great and are biting and growling when crancked and can be sweet and mid range-y with a round bottom when clean. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $4499
Stock# 2868

2010 Gibson RD Pro
Mint condition. Reissue in tribute to the famous 70s collaboration with Moog! Includes OHSC.
Price: $1200
Stock# 2697

1965 Gibson SG
Early 1965 SG, so the coveted 64 neck profile is still intact! Nut width is 1 11/16. This neck is chunky! The tuners have been swapped for Grovers, has a brass nut, and the body has been routed for a third pickup, so it now wears a non original batwing guard. The good news is that the Patent number pickups are original and still there, albeit with new pickup covers. All else is original, friends. Get this amazing vintage SG for a great player price.
Price: $3995
Stock# 2603

2002 Gibson SG 61 RI
Very good condition SG '61 reissue with Vibrola! Super cool guitar, 57 classic pickups and 60's style neck. A total rock and blues machine of the highest order! Comes with OHSC
Price: $2150
Stock# 3049

Gibson SG Custom
Custom shop Gibson "Les Paul" Custom SG. finiashed in white nitro tant is just beginning to yellow out a bit. Nice chunkier neck, block inlays on an ebony fretboard with three 57 classics and gold hardware. Comes with COA and OHSC.
Price: $2795
Stock# 3064

2007 Gibson SG Faded
Made in the USA, satin finish SG Faded. A real Gibson at a great price. Slim taper neck for lightening fast playing. Rosewood fretboard feels great.
Price: $649
Stock# 2704

1965 Gibson SG Special
Very clean SG Special. All original, excellent condition, pots are dead quiet, nut width is the preferred 1 11/16". Comes with Original Gibson case. One owner guitar.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2937

1963 Gibson SG/ Les Paul Junior
A killer little rock and roll machine. The neck is heavenly on this one. Nice and chunky, but no where near baseball bat size. Very comfortable and the P-90 screams. All original. Comes with 90's Gibson HSC.
Price: $3499
Stock# 2852

2010 Gibson STOLEN
Stolen in May ,serial # 701290 Please call if you see this guitar 512 428 9100
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1381

1976 Gibson Super 400
Excellent condition Super 400. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $6995
Stock# 2933

1977 Gibson Super 400 CES
Excellent condition Blonde Super 400 CES. Plays and sounds AMAZING!! Are you man enough (or woman) for this guitar?
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2110

1959 Gretsch 6119 Tennessean
Very clean 6119. Single filtertron, 0 fret, thumbnail fret markers, this guitar is oozing with cool factor. Comes with OHSC
Price: $3995
Stock# 2473

1958 Gretsch 6120
As solid and clean as they get!! All original with Cowboy case. Fantastic sounding pickups!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2710

1961 Gretsch 6120
Gorgeous, excellent condition Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman. The orange has faded and patina'ed to a perfect subdued color and plays like butter. It is so smooth and fast with great frets. All original with the exception of an old set of Grovers. w/ OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3029

1961 Gretsch 6120 DC
Very cool orange finish Chet Atkins 6120 double cut thinline. All original with the exception of the pots. Plays great and has original Gretsch hardshell case.
Price: $5995
Stock# 3007

1957 Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet
Good overall condition. Awesome sounding Dynasonic piuckups. Comes with OHSC. Call for more info.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2954

2011 Gretsch Billy Bo
1 of 16 made in tinted white lacquer with white Falcon appointments (gold glitter binding).Mint condition with Gretsch case and paper work.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1888

1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman
w/Original Hard Shell Case
Price: $3500
Stock# 1098

1967 Gretsch Rally
Very cool and not often seen, the Gretsch Rally is an elusive creature. Great tone, super cool color combination with the yellow top and copper metallic back, this guitar plays great and looks even better. Be the only kid on the block with this head turning guit-fiddle!
Price: $1599
Stock# 3054

2013 Gretsch Silver Falcon
Near mint Silver Falcon. You don't see these everyday. Just about as classy it gets. The filtertrons sound great on this one and the bigsby is set up to rock. Plug this thing into a tweed amp and you're headed to the tone gym!
Price: $2695
Stock# 2531

Gretsch Stephen Stills White Falcon
As new condition, rocking the Bigsby B6 Vibrato and all the classic appointments of a real 1958 Gretsch White Falcon. simply put, this is a stunning instrument that sounds great, plays flawlessly and looks absolutely gangbusters! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3199
Stock# 3069

Gretsch Tennessee Rose
Newer Gretsch Tennessee Rose in great condition. Deep, dark cherry finish, painted F holes, and smooth playing neck. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1695
Stock# 3012

Gretsch Tim Armstrong LEFTY
Very cool big body hollow from Gretsch. Churn out some "Rancid" tones on this black satin monster. Get jazzy or plug into a marshall and crank it up for a filthy grind!
Price: $899
Stock# 2490

2012 Gretsch White Falcon G6139CB
Beautiful recreation of the White Falcon. This is the thinner style body and is in near new condition. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2299
Stock# 2952

2005 Paul Reed Smith McCarty
Very nice flame top on this one. Smooth and very playable. A great guitar! Nice condition and pickups are very warm.
Price: $1450
Stock# 2996

Paul Reed Smith McCarty Hollowbody 1
!0 top AND 10 back on this gorgeous flamed beauty. Truly a wonder to play and behold. Action is low with no buzz at all, pretty much plays itself. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2595
Stock# 3004

2008 Paul Reed Smith Mira
Very nice maple flame top, comes with hard shell case.
Price: $1399
Stock# 2407

2000 Paul Reed Smith Single Cutaway
Pre lawsuit PRS singlecut with gorgeous flame top! Sounds absolutely fantastic with warm, complex clean tones and searing overdriven crunchiness. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1899
Stock# 2960

2014 American Apperal AVG T's
100% Cotton Nice Fitting and Good Looking!
Price: $16
Stock# 2481

2014 Berly Berlymaster
Nitro finish neck and body with highly reliced surf green finish. Jazzmaster body with Tele style neck and rosewood board. Tele style pickup set up with a Fralin p-90in the bridge and a lollar T-Style in the neck. Mastery bridge, cloth wiring and orange drop caps. Comes with gig bag.
Price: $1499
Stock# 2962

2014 Berly T-Style
Nitro finish in Sonic Blue relic finish over sunburst. Joe Barden bridge with David Allen pickups. Rolled fretboard edges, nitro neck finish, nicely worn in. Rosewood fretboard with clay dots. Simply amazing. w/ gig bag.
Price: $1299
Stock# 2961

Danelectro 12 String
This is a nifty little 12 string guitar. 2 pickup, satin black finish, and plays great!
Price: $450
Stock# 2605

Danelectro Guitar Mandolin
Extra frets let's you get wild up high! Play those fun little mando licks way up there and stop letting those guys with the tiny 8 stringers have all the fun and get all the chicks! Comes with HSC.
Price: $599
Stock# 2483

1999 Epiphone 64 RI John Lee Hooker Sheraton
Made in the USA, this excellent condition John Lee Hooker signature Sheraton II captures the authentic character of the original. Very limited edition, great sounding mini humbuckers,finished in nitro and signed on the inside label by the Boogieman himself.
Price: $3200
Stock# 2797

1953 Epiphone Century
Great example of an early 50's Epiphone. Impeccable craftsmanship.
Price: $1200
Stock# 2568

1961 Epiphone Coronet
Very good condition,NON-faded cherry color,repro pickguard,repro tuners(originals in case)
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1836

1965 Epiphone Coronet "Dwight"
Very rare and original Dwight truss rod cover Coronet. Sold directly exclusively through the Sonny Shields music shop in St. Louis, MO. Has had a Bigsby installed at some point so there are 4 extra holes in the top. Comes with hardshell case, and it sounds great!
Price: $2250
Stock# 2807

Epiphone Flying V
Great playing Epi Flying V. Someone put the raised Gibson logo on the headstock so you can trick all your friends into thinking you paid way more for this gorgeous tone machine than you did. Comes with a GIBSON HSC to top it off!
Price: $700
Stock# 2618

Epiphone Korina Flying V
Excellent condition, plays great, looks killer, with OHSC.
Price: $599
Stock# 2556

Epiphone Les Paul
Gorgeous flame top Les Paul in Wine Red. This is the epitome of class! New reduced price!
Price: $399
Stock# 2491

1933 Epiphone Masterbuilt Deluxe
Not a reissue! This gorgeous made in New York Epi is a jazzer's dream. A modified "player" that has serious panache. Very old refinish that is nitro and has checked nicely over time. Pickup has been added in neck position with volume and tone pots installed on pickguard. Frequnsater tailpiece is also not original. Glorious detailing in the headstock inlay, multiply binding and cool cloud style fretboard markers. It doesn't get cooler! With Original case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3009

1967 Epiphone Riviera
Slim neck profile, very cool, highly checked sunburst finish with 2 mini humbuckers and Frequensator tailpiece. Sounds great and has been played a lot over the years. Definitely a good sign. Comes with HSC.
Price: $2499
Stock# 3063

Epiphone Sheraton II
Newer MIK Sheraton in a stunning arctic white finish with gold hardware and OHSC.
Price: $599
Stock# 3076

1961 Epiphone Sorrento
Very good condition Sorrento. Early 60's White badge headstock logo nd dot inlays. Mini humbuckers sound great. Comes with Original soft case.
Price: $2950
Stock# 2814

1960 Epiphone Zephyr
Unbelievably clean 1960 Epiphone Zephyr with white badge logo on the headstock. Mini humbuckers sound amazing. Warm, rich tone on the rhythm pickup and stingy and biting in the bridge. Comes with very clean OHSC.
Price: $3499
Stock# 2238

2002 Fernandes Nomad Deluxe
Like new condition, Built in speaker and effects.Travel size,with gig bag and adaptor.
Price: $595
Stock# 2386

First Act Custom Shop Delia
The best First Act has to offer. Bookmatched flame top on a killer semi-hollow guitar. Gold hardware, ebony fretboard. Made in the USA by the guys that now run Gibson's custom shop.
Price: $1899.99
Stock# 2784

Guild M-80
late 70's/ early 80's Guild M-80 electric. Solid maple body, 24 fret neck, two humbuckers, and plays nice in low. In good cosmetic condition. Comes with OHSC
Price: $1099
Stock# 2320

1965 Harmony H 13
Mid 60's, 3 gold foil DeArmond's, all original, great flame on the top and comes with a hardshell case!
Price: $995
Stock# 2782

Harmony H75
Mid 60's Harmony 3 pickup thinline hollowbody. All original, DeArmond pickups sound great! Comes with HSC.
Price: $995
Stock# 2830

Heritage H 535
Very cool cherry red H 535, made at the old Gibson Kalamazoo plant by old Gibson employees, this one's made like they used to make 'em. All original with OHSC. Great guitar at much less than a 335.
Price: $1999
Stock# 2851

Ibanez 2363 R
70's Ibanez ES-345 copy with bolt on neck. Trapeze tailpiece, split parallelogram inlays, rosewood 'board. Very cool budget 345 with a killer sound.
Price: $950
Stock# 3013

1981 Ibanez artist
Relive the year when Prince Charles and Lady Di got married, Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt and Ibanez was making some killer Les Paul style copies. This one is awesome. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $995
Stock# 2416

1960 Kay Speed Demon
One pick up model. hollowbody, looks a lot like a Harmony Jupiter. Fat neck, florentine cutaway. Chipboard case.
Price: $450
Stock# 3014

King Relic Jazzmaster
Very cool USA made Jazzmaster, nitro finish, Fender hardware, Fender American Vintage pickups.
Price: $1200
Stock# 3058

1968 Kustom K200A
Excellent condition with original case and paper work.
Price: $1595
Stock# 1658


Price: $1099
Stock# 1777

National Newport 88
Excellent condition Res-O-Glass Newport 88 in black! This guitar is an exciting collector's piece and is also a phenomenal playing instrument. Jack White, eat your heart out! Comes with OHSC
Price: $3500
Stock# 2818

1964 National Westwood 77
Solid wood Westwood 77. Super vibey and very, very clean. This one has been very well taken care of. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2799
Stock# 2817

Old Kraftsman Value Leader
1960's 3 pickup model Value leader in blonde finish with original soft shell case. Pseudo Les Paul body shape, not unlike a Jupiter model. 3 pickups make this a versatile player and a real looker.
Price: $549
Stock# 3087

1960 Other K200A
nicks and dings,sounds awesome! non-original pups.
Price: $1199
Stock# 1273

1980 Peavey T-60
White finish! These guitars are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and for good reason. Made in the USA and sonding great. Super fast neck made from rock maple and great playability. Comes with HSC.
Price: $799
Stock# 3000

1966 Rickenbacker 360
Excellent condition Fireglow with original gray case.
Price: $4995
Stock# 2051

1968 Rickenbacker 360 VB
This is a very good condition '68 360 VB, the VB stands for Vibrato and it comes with the original bar in the original hardshell case. Pickups sound great, neck is super comfortable. Everything a Ric should be!
Price: $4495
Stock# 2589

1995 Rickenbacker 360 WB
New old stock,Never played. MINT!! Rick case.
Price: $2995
Stock# 1364

Rickenbacker 366-12 Convertable
Great condition with original case.
Price: $4100
Stock# 1145

2010 Rickenbacker 381
Near new condition fireglo 381. One of the coolest guitar designs ever. The finish on this particular guitar is incredible. Plays and sounds beautiful. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3595
Stock# 2811

1963 Rickenbacker 950 3/4
Great condition Ric 950 in fireglo. Tulip body shape and 3/4 size. This one is pretty clean and comes with the 2 toaster pickups! Sound great. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2495
Stock# 2794

Schecter Baritone
Great low action, very comfortable baritone. If you're looking to fill that tonal void between guitar and bass, look no further dear friends!
Price: $399
Stock# 2594

1959 Silvertone 1425
Excellent condition with original chip board case.
Price: $1299
Stock# 1659

Silvertone 1429
Early 1960's Silvertone 1429. In nice condition. All knobs and pots are original, which is unusual! This guitar is set up with great action, and comes with a chipboard case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2956

1962 Silvertone 1448
Very cool amp in case Silvertone 1448. Small hole in top of guitar, otherwise in excellent condition. The case with the amp is also in very good condition.
Price: $499
Stock# 2524

Silvertone Chris Isaak 1446
1960's Silvertone 1446 in good condition. Currently sporting an upgraded tune-o-matic bridge, has some finish touch ups along the sides of the body. Sounds fantastic! Comes with hardshell case.
Price: $1800
Stock# 2953

2013 The Loar LH-319-VS
Brand new carved archtop with 2 P-90's
Price: $699
Stock# 1885

Truetone Archtop Single pickup
Very cool vintage Truetone archtop guitar with single pickup. This one sounds fantastic both plugged in or acoustically. Actually, its when being played acoustic that is really comes to life. Great for open tuning slide blues!
Price: $299
Stock# 2945


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