F. A. Q.


What is your return policy?

For in-store sales, we offer a 3-day, full refund on new, used, and vintage guitars, amplifiers, and pedals. If it is after 3 days but within 5, we offer a full refund in the form of store credit. Some restrictions apply, so please call in or ask an associate if you have any questions.

For out of state sales, we have a 48-hour approval policy and a 10% restocking fee for returned items. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping charges.

Can I Play The Guitars?

Yes! Guitars are meant to be played, and we encourage people to explore the instruments here in the store. We ask that you be respectful to the instruments, the staff, and your fellow customers by being conscious of your volume, vicinity, and duration of play. Although it's tempting to jam out all day, we do ask that you keep trial times to approximately 15 minutes.

Are All Of Your Instruments Vintage?


We have a healthy mixture of New, Used, and Vintage instruments to explore. Our store stock tends to be "vintage inspired", even if it is a new or used instrument.

How Do I Get Upstairs?

Unfortunately, guests are not allowed upstairs. Our repair facility, storage, and offices are located on the second level and are accessible to AVG staff only.


Do you ship internationally?


As you likely already know, there have been new regulations on exporting specific wood types, specifically Brazilian and Indian Rosewood. We have all of the permits required to export these woods world-wide. Certain restrictions apply, so please see an associate for details.

Do you ship within the US?


We ship to all 50 US states. However, while this can be done with most instruments and items, certain restrictions apply. Please see an associate if you have a question about a specific item for shipment.


How Much Does It Cost To Re-Tube My Amp?

Most re-tubes can be done within the range of the $40 Bench Fee (+ tax) and the cost of the tubes. Some amps have only a few tubes, and some have lots, so pricing depends on what amp you have.

We provide a 90 day warranty on tubes that we provide and install.

Is There A Bench Fee?

There is NO bench fee for Guitar Repair. Rates on instrument repair are usually discussed and defined before the work has been done so you'll have an idea of what you're getting into.

There is a $40 bench fee for Amplifier Repair. Since issues with amplifiers are not always immediately apparent and can be very complicated, the bench fee is to cover the techs' time to figure out what's wrong. The good news is that the bench fee is applied to the repair, not in addition to the repair. The bench fee is due when you drop off your instrument.

Do You Work On Amps?


We have amplifier technicians on site that have well-deserved wonderful reputations. They specialize in tube amplifiers, but some exceptions can be made for certain solid-state amps and pedals.

How Long Do Repairs Take?

Most instrument repair take somewhere between a week and a week and a half depending on how busy our shop is. Our techs are great, which makes them fast. . but they're great, which makes them popular, so repair times can vary.

We also offer a RUSH service, which will place your instrument further up the line, typically taking 2-3 business days depending on the type of repair and the repair tech's status.

What Is A Set-Up?

A Set-Up is standard maintenance for Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Basses, Mandolins, etc. . . Basically it's getting your instrument play the best it can play without replacing or changing anything or making any significant modifications. It's a good idea to have your guitar set up as seasons change or when your guitar feels like it could use some adjustments. Standard set-ups cost $60 plus the cost of strings (+tax). We have a wide selection of string types, so feel free to discuss strings with us as well!

Do You Work On Guitars?


We have guitar repair and maintenance on site M-F available for repairs and consultations. Our experienced luthiers offer a number of standard services including (but not limited to) set-ups, refrets, harness re-wiring, level/crown/polish, neck re-sets, new nut, bridge fabrication, body routes, and a number of other services. You can drop off your instrument any time we open.