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#STRATURDAY There are so many variations on the @fender Stratocaster... Neck shapes, fretboard material, Neck Material, pickups, hardtail, JM vibrato, hardware, f holes, electronics mods, kill switches... it goes on and on... What’s YOUR #Strat Dream Mod?

Here’s your new secret weapon. The Timmy! The beloved Paul Cochran overdrive is now available and accessible thanks to @jimdunlopusa With 3 clipping options, treble and bass control, and the ability to maintain the tru character of your amp, this drive works with all sorts of amps and situations without taking over your personal sound. Get it at @austinvintageguitars

Want some new inspiration? Try a Tenor guitar! With multiple tuning options and potential approaches, you’ll find yourself writing and playing with a totally new set of ears. Try this Vintage Harmony Tenor Guitar @austinvintageguitars

NEW!! @throbak_electronics makes INCREDIBLE Gibson PAF Replicas would on the SAME MACHINES the originals were wound on!! Their P-90’s are NO JOKE as well. #tone Not all PAF -type pickups are alike. We can discuss details...